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Feed the Data Monster

Sep 15th, 2010 • Category: Advertising Articles, Casino Marketing

You can’t do data-based marketing without data. Current data. Correct data. More and more data. That’s why it’s so important to have constant, multiple outreach touch- points for mining the information that your marketing programs need.

The “no-brainer” is using Guest Services, as part of your card sign-up program. Train your frontline employees to ask for both email addresses and mobile numbers….. and incent THEM to get the information through reward programs and contests. A face-to-face sell of the benefits (special offers, last-minute coupons, jackpot alerts, reservation availability) could be just the push that’s needed. It may take a little longer, but the data you gain will be well worth the extra time.

Use your website and social media to constantly and consistently ask for the information; you can also use these same vehicles as success-story generators. (“I didn’t have to wait in the restaurant. They texted me on the casino floor when my table was ready!” or “I was able to buy concert tickets two days before my friends with my exclusive email offer.”) Allow the information to be added to existing accounts through the website or, if your system allows you for advance card sign-ups, add those fields to your current form…always communicating the benefits of the program.

Don’t forget the power of posters….and on-machine messages, PA announcements, motion graphics, table tents, etc.. An occasional on-the-floor push will encourage new guests to share their data, and remind frequent visitors to keep their email and mobile information in your database up to date.

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