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CasinOpportunities: Get Radio-Active!

Mar 11th, 2011 • Category: Casino Marketing, Featured, Kochan in the News

Radio advertising is a natural for the fast-paced, competitive world of casino marketing. You get a lot of message for the money.  It’s quick and inexpensive to produce. It reaches people on the go, in the office, at home, in the car….even on the computer. So why isn’t your radio as effective as it should be?

Your radio spot is saying too many things. You don’t have to fill your 60 seconds (or even 30 seconds) of air time with a laundry list of information.  Think about the one thing that you want people to remember, or to do, when they hear your spot and allocate the lion’s share of your message to that one point.  Focus your supporting copy on the benefits of that single, key message.  If you have the loosest slots, communicate that same message in a few different ways.  If you’re giving away a car, communicate the details but don’t digress from the message.  Focus and repeat.  That’s the secret to radio that works.


Your radio spot sounds like every other casino’s radio spot. Most casinos offer pretty much the same thing:  slots, table games, restaurants, entertainment, etc. Most casino radio spots communicate pretty much the same thing, in pretty much the same way.  Not only are you encouraging your audience to tune out because they think they’ve heard it all before, but you could be spending YOUR marketing dollars to reinforce another casino’s message.  The solution?  Try a different approach.   If the airwaves are filled with female-voice-over-canned-music commercials, try a two-voice spot, or a character voice, or even a celebrity voice.  Or try sound effects to grab the listener’s attention.  Ultimately your spot needs to break through the clutter, not add to it.


Your radio spots aren’t memorable. Think of your favorite radio spot from 10 years ago.  Do you remember who it was for?  Can you repeat it?  Chances are there’s a jingle, or identifiable music, or tagline vocals that make it memorable.  Original music is the most effective way to get into the minds and memories of  your audience, and make them react.  And your music can be used in many other media as well: TV, online, on-property, telephone on-hold systems, etc. so that YOUR identity is constantly and consistently being reinforced.


Radio that isn’t memorable isn’t remembered, and what’s the point of that?


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