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12 Marketing Tactics for a Better 2012

Feb 21st, 2012 • Category: Consumer Insight, Experts in Fun, Featured, Kochan in the News

Forget the First Quarter blahs.  Energize your marketing efforts with these proven strategies for a less stressful and more profitable new year.


1) Spend Aggressively (and wisely)

In a bad economy, the first reaction is to cut back on expenses.


Here’s one way proactive investment — instead of reactive “saving” — helped our homebuilding client fight the economy.


During one of the most challenging homebuilding downturns, The Jones Company decided to strategically invest in a new Kochan & Company-created campaign giving St. Louisans “Reasons” to build a new home now.  Messages were delivered in the usual print and outdoor PLUS specially negotiated :15 radio and online advertising to expand audience reach.


During our eight-week campaign, website and community traffic increased 35%…and sales rose 15%.



2) Hit your audience early and often


Success generates success.  With a compelling message, “early and often”  increases interest, traffic and sales.


The Missouri Valley Conference’s annual basketball tournament is a neutral-court event, so fans must travel 2 – 10 hours to attend.  By targeting the fans in each local school market early in the season, then adding advertising pressure in the St. Louis market before the tournament, Kochan & Company was able to increase overall school box office sales by 35%, actually breaking The Valley’s all-time sales record more than two months before the event.  The promotion also set records for single-session, semifinal session and overall tournament attendance.



3) Be seen and heard


Brand recognition is often the difference between a little success and A LOT of success.  When Kochan & Company worked on Senoret Chemical’s Terro brand, you could see (and hear) the difference.


Terro Ant Killer was a great product.  But consumers had never heard of them, and retail shelf-space was almost non-existent.  Kochan & Company developed a new brand identity, supported by redesigned packaging and new point-of-purchase materials to boost store-level impact.  New ads in trade publications and trade show booth designs raised recognition retailers nationally, and new :60 regional radio spots built consumer interest and demand for those retailers.


Terro product sales grew from $2 million to $12 million over five years.  It’s SKUs are now in Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe’s Walgreen’s and other national chain stores, and Terro Liquid Ant Killers has become the #1 brand in ant baits and liquid ant bait killers in the United States.



4) Be outrageous


Attention-getting actions and behaviors get noticed and remembered.   Try something wild (we blew up Benny Koske “The Human Bomb” to commemorate the anniversary of our Boomers Night Club client) or outlandish (we created the world’s largest coupon on an outdoor board and a week later the coupon had been “clipped” and redeemed).  Spread the word, generate buzz and reap the benefits .



5) Make a promise


Whether it’s same day-delivery, or a money-back guarantee, or even the fact that a “live person” will help you, you just have to make ONE meaningful promise to people.  Deliver on it, and you’ve got a customer for life.



6) Saturate ONE medium


Try it for a quarter, and see what happens.  You’ll be amazed how hard those concentrated media dollars work against one audience.


Be even more specific (one radio or tv station, or one print vehicle, or one online outlet) and really test the effectiveness. Then, add incremental spending in other media to expand your audience or build your momentum.



7) Perform an autopsy on 2011


Revisit the past year’s marketing efforts.  Be objective.  Choose your favorite/most effective/memorable effort; study it, analyze it, see if you can improve it….and plan to repeat it in 2012.


Then forget about the rest.  Demand fresh ideas, proactive thinking and better results.  Your company will thank you.



8) Become your competitor’s customer


Visit their store, experience their customer service program; see what they say, do, offer.


Call or email for more information on a service offering; ask for an appointment or product and check out the process…and see how they deliver.


Set up an email account for this purpose and sign up for newsletters, rewards programs, etc. to see how your competitor uses database marketing.



9) Befriend a blogger


It’s great when you say nice things about your product, service or company.  It’s even better when someone else says it for you.


Identify the top bloggers in your industry.  Ask for a product review, send information (or a sample), pitch them story ideas.  Readers trust the blogs they follow and respond accordingly.  For business-to-business companies, pitch your team to be “guest bloggers” on industry sites; build interest (and your customer base) by being positioned as respected experts.



10) Develop an online survey


The difference between thinking you know what your customers want, and KNOWING it can be the difference between success and failure.


Choose one of the free online services (Survey Monkey, etc) to find out one or two key things from your current database….plus use Facebook, your website and in-store offers (where applicable) to generate additional interest.



11) Create a personality


And make sure that personality is reflected in all marketing efforts.  Using humor, wit, fun and charm while staying “real” to your customer can build relationships and draw more business to your business.  It’s the different between Target and Wal-Mart.



12) Test ONE technology trend


Technology moves faster than business.  Even technology businesses have trouble keeping up.  So instead of dipping your toes into social media, testing the waters with mobile apps and web-based services, and trying to keep your company technologically relevant, choose the ONE trend you think will be the most meaningful to your customers and/or the most practical for your business.  Focusing your efforts on becoming the only one in your industry to offer a secure mobile application will be much more effective than being one of 200 companies that “tweets” once in a blue moon.

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