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Direct Mail – Are You Serious?

Jul 30th, 2012 • Category: Advertising Articles, Consumer Insight, Featured, Sidebar

Consider this:  While others are testing the social media scene, dipping their toes in digital marketing and giving low-end TV production a shot, there is now less clutter – and more opportunity – in every mailbox in your neighborhood, city or across the country.


Look at the numbers:  The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reports that, for every dollar spent on direct marketing in 2011, the average ROI was $11.65.  The average ROI for non-DM marketing? $5.29.  On our calculator that makes direct mail more than twice as effective for the money.


Less restrictions = more creativity:  Sure you can mail a letter in a #10 envelope.  Or a small postcard.  But now shapes abound.  Oversize postcards practically pop out of mailboxes.  And you can imprint – and mail – on all sorts of substrates.  So your offer gets noticed.  And your customers act.  It’s that simple.


Follow the money:  Casinos, credit card companies, communication giants and other growing businesses all know the secret – direct marketing works.  So why let the big boys have all the success?  All you need is a great offer, a great list and a great DM piece.  (The right DM partner can make all the difference!)


If you’re serious about successfully marketing your company, it’s time to get serious about direct mail.

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